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The New York Lists

For weeks, it’s been an obsession of the best variety.  As often as I can, I look over and add to a list of Manhattan restaurants and bars, going through New York Times and New York Magazine listings, preparing for October, feeling that even with a lengthy summary of them jotted down, offering anything from the […]

The Red Door

Hillcrest’s ‘The Red Door, ” situated in a cottage house on a discreet corner in one of San Diego’s more forward-thinking neighborhoods, has the appeal of a haute cuisine experience without the frilly pretension of some of its peers (and yes, there is in fact a red door).  Sipping an elder flower martini, my sister insisted on […]

Nagiri in La Jolla

Earlier this weekend I once again visited La Jolla, a small but chic city that I love.  With the beaches overrun by holiday travelers and the here and there natives and the occasional, distant “ooh ooh” of seals, we walked about.  La Jolla’s appeal is I think, in part, its high nonchalance, like a bronze-skinned, boho girl with […]

New York Plans

As I look forward to a week in New York come mid October, just past the hubbub of September’s fashion week, I’ve decided to begin looking into restaurants (it’s never too early to make note!).  The New York Times’ reviews leave me intrigued and longing for more; they’re so minutely detailed as to what works […]

On New York

  The Inspiration Gala to benefit amfAR is tonight, continuing what seems to be a high point in the year for New York functions: the gala for the Ubuntu fund was yesterday evening. Pictures from the gala have already begun to appear on twitter, showing a veritable who’s who of New York cosmopolitan living.    It’s […]


Travel has come to be quite important to me, more so than ever before.  The feeling of arriving somewhere where you have never been, knowing that you have days of enlightenment before you is something that cannot properly be explained in words. I suspect that this new perception of travel came about upon during a stay in […]