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Nils Landberg’s Brilliance of Elegance

Considering my fondness for all things Scandinavian, it’s no surprise that I’ve become fairly attracted to the glasswork of the late Swedish designer Nils Landberg, or more specifically, his elegant, thinly stemmed wine glasses designed in the late 1950’s (Landberg became artistic assistant at Sweden’s Orrefors glassworks in 1936). As with most any other Scandinavian designer, Landberg’s attention to the importance of color and […]

Diana Vreeland’s Vogue

Diana Vreeland’s Vogue was one of unabashed opulence: a printed exaltation of body, mind, and individual, but unmistakable (and often intoxicating) beauty.  One need only to look to the many published collaborations between Veruschka von Lehndorff and Franco Rubartelli, for example, to see this philosophy at perhaps its most sumptuous.  With a look both feminine and subtly masculine, Lehndorff sits, limbs bronzed in the desert sun, at […]

Afternoon At the Carnegie

Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art is beautiful; there’s no getting around that.  Upon entering from a certain door, one travels up a set of stairs, past an industrial esque wall of glass to the left which separates the inside of the museum from a courtyard lined with tables and chairs, and decorated on one wall by a constant, tranquil falling […]

Luc Leestemaker

During an outing to La Jolla with my sister earlier in the year, she and I stopped into Madison Gallery, one of a number of lovely galleries in the city.  There, I came upon the work of Dutch artist Luc Leestemaker, and rather quickly became enamored with his work.  Sadly, I’ve learned that Leestemaker passed away […]

Functional Art

While looking through some of Vera Neumann’s work, I began to think of the beauty of balancing art and practicality.  Neumann’s work is strikingly pretty: varied in subject, yet able to maintain a certain signature, whether it be flowers or abstract shapes.  And yet, a scarf decorated with one of her prints is, in essence, a […]

A Very Late Look at Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent

I am likely one of the last individuals to have acquired and read through a copy of Carine Roitfeld’s career-covering book, Irreverent.  While others already have the book housed on a shelf, my copy sits next to my bed, awaiting another look through at that time of evening when the allure of the images conjures that certain […]