The New York Lists

For weeks, it’s been an obsession of the best variety.  As often as I can, I look over and add to a list of Manhattan restaurants and bars, going through New York Times and New York Magazine listings, preparing for October, feeling that even with a lengthy summary of them jotted down, offering anything from the best sushi, to the most potent cosmopolitans from the mixologists, and the handsomest ambiances in the city, there are thousands of others I’ve yet to have seen (and so, the list continues).  Contrary to any implications otherwise, I love doing it.  Today, I couldn’t think of the Japanese restaurant with the narrow, rounded-walled dining room that had been on my mind, but managed to find that it was, after all, Jewel Bako. 

So, what all has my attention?  On the dining front, there’s Bi Lokma, Ngam, Cafe SFA, Cafe Cluny, Aburiya Kinnosuke, Jewel Bako, and Cocoron, among others; when in the mood for morning and post-shopping coffee or tea, it’s all about the Bluebird Coffee Shop, Tea and Sympathy, or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (their dark chocolate latte is sinfully good).  And of course, there are the many bars and lounges: Chloe 81, Flatiron Lounge, Apotheke, etc., with places like Sway for those wilder, unbutton the shirt, and be careful with that drink, New York nights. 


Image of Jewel Bako from


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