The Tom Ford Natalia Bag

I admit, it’s a pleasing feeling when someone like Tom Ford, a man who insists on doing things his own way when it comes to presenting his seasonal lines, sells men’s and women’s accessories through Neiman Marcus like his peers.  It’s endearing in a way; “Mr. Ford, who doesn’t show anything, anything, on the runway, sells bags and sunglasses through Neiman’s.” 

For women, the Natalia bag is likely to be the Ford article most desired this autumn, if the “Pre-Order” next to their price is to mean anything (aside from perhaps a sales motivated temptation to order before they inevitably are unavailable, but I’ll be noncynical; and anyway, the Petra, and the adorably slouchy Jennifer bag are on Pre-Order as well).  On the Natalia’s, a large, chic golden turnlock keeps things in place, cleverly calling to mind the security outfitting on a bank vault (after all, what’s kept more intimately maintained in the daily life of many a woman than the inside of her bag?).  Available in mock peccary suede, snake, and kid skin, it offers something  strikingly understated for those moody fall days and evenings (if you can consider a substantial golden bar “understated”).




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