Nagiri in La Jolla

Earlier this weekend I once again visited La Jolla, a small but chic city that I love.  With the beaches overrun by holiday travelers and the here and there natives and the occasional, distant “ooh ooh” of seals, we walked about.  La Jolla’s appeal is I think, in part, its high nonchalance, like a bronze-skinned, boho girl with waved, beach salted hair in Neiman’s.  Madison Gallery, a go to for some of the best art in the city, is utterly unpretentious: sexy and smart. The restaurants, all different varieties and prices, offer something for everyone (George’s at the Cove has one of the best views, from what I’ve been told, and Aroma Cafe has some very nice appetizers).  We went for the balcony of Sushi on the Rock, and had a very good view ourselves once we’d moved from the table next to the glass wall window to the balcony, where on the opposite side a very well-dressed man and woman felt uncomfortably close.  Having ordered a coke (it’d been days since I had one), we began with the starters: delicious pot stickers and brilliantly colored seaweed salad that tasted as though it had been washed right from the ocean, in a good way.  Then, it was on to the main order.  I decided on multiple small orders of nagiri, from octopus to salmon to spicy scallop.  Served on a long dish with wasabi and ginger that was folded to resemble what appeared to be a pale yellow flower, all were wonderfully fresh.  Having never experienced octopus, I was surprised by its unique texture, and lack of discernible flavor.  After, I considered the complexities of the ginger, as once it’s bitten into, it transitions from sugary spice to an earthy bitter.

I already miss La Jolla.




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