Tom Ford’s Spring Vision

On Monday, Tom Ford presented his Spring/Summer 2013 mens line in Milan.  It was the usual Tom Ford offering: there were the pastel linen suits fit for business lunches, the cinch-waisted jackets, the picnic ginghams, and the red carpet tuxedos.  There were the trenches, in dark or pastel, and the meticulously well-groomed, news anchor-haired models, some with eyes hidden behind Ford sunglasses.  A folky purple and white paisley tie was endearing.  There did not seem to be a lot in the way of casual wear, but some of the less formal things could very easily be mixed with jeans for those mid-week cocktail outings and weekend get togethers.

In menswear, Ford obviously has a philosophy that works for him, and for the men desiring that certain je ne sais quoi in their handsome closets and daily lives, business or pleasure, he is the go to guy.


Images courtesy of twitter/jonkortajarena@Flashbang, twitter/brucepask, twitter/ettong1979 @ Flashbang, and twitter/brucepask@Flashbang.


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