New York Plans

As I look forward to a week in New York come mid October, just past the hubbub of September’s fashion week, I’ve decided to begin looking into restaurants (it’s never too early to make note!).  The New York Times’ reviews leave me intrigued and longing for more; they’re so minutely detailed as to what works and what doesn’t, whether desserts, amuse bouches, or the interiors that are readily being modernized to suit a newer, younger, and more presumptuous clientele (La Bernadin for example, in which from reading  reviews, there appeared to be mixed feelings from the critics concerning the update: industrial sculptural aluminum on a wall being one addition, and fewer tables for two being another less appealing change).  Nonetheless, the descriptions of lavish dishes, created with often unexpected pairings of both usual and obscure ingredients (that inevitably end up seeming perfectly fit for one another), is enough to make me very eager.

So what do I have in mind?  Well, nothing extravagant, at least not yet.  Hiroko’s Place on Thompson St., La Colombe on Lafayette for late morning coffee, and lunch at Saks’ Cafe SFA after hours of conservative, but thorough shopping. 

Oh, and some cocktails here and there.



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