Marc Jacobs Resort 2013

Having finished researching Manhattan hotels for a potential visit to the city in October (I have a few options), now is as good a time as any to report on the underwhelming Marc Jacobs line which was presented today.

Similarities to Prada are notable throughout.  Certain shoes call to mind the low-heeled footwear of Miuccia’s autumn collection, and the below the knee-length of some of the dresses  seem like things she was doing more then a decade ago.  The prints vary, not in the multifaceted sense, but as though void of a precise direction.  Certain proportions are awkward, one in particular being the fit of a blue and blood-red sequined dress which transitions the waist into the upper portion of the body, leaving the wearer rather shapeless in the middle.  That is not to imply that there was nothing to admire; on the contrary, certain floral skirts could look quite nice if paired with more subdued tops, long patchwork dresses have unique appeal, others call to mind the desirable hippie look of Marc’s optimistic spring 2002 collection, and perhaps the best of them all, a red ribbon backed dress printed with blue flowers, was Marc at his most exactingly adorable.  Nonetheless, it was not an overly interesting collection, nor for the most part anything that we haven’t seen from him before.  September’s spring show is the one to look forward to.


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