Travel has come to be quite important to me, more so than ever before.  The feeling of arriving somewhere where you have never been, knowing that you have days of enlightenment before you is something that cannot properly be explained in words.

I suspect that this new perception of travel came about upon during a stay in London in early 2011.  I had been in cities before, but none anywhere close to that size.  I could feel the vast energy and importance of London in the constant movement of crowds, and yet, I was not overwhelmed.  I went about on my own as often as I could manage, stopping here and there when the desire came.  I found a small park in Bloomsbury called Russell Square, which I fell in love with right away.  I had cakes at Gran Caffe Londra, near Harrod’s.  Intrigued, I examined a goat fur vest at Fenwick’s, where I bought a dark pink scarf for my sister (produced in France!-quel raffinement!), and I spent hours in the wonderful museums.  But throughout my time there, what I loved most overall was the liberating feeling of doing and seeing things which had been so foreign to me before, banishing many of my inhibitions, and leaving me an altogether more conscious person.  I carry this in all that I do.

For me, travel is a continually changing love affair, with one experience leading to another, and more to be had with time.  What a love affair indeed.


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