A View Towards Artists

I can appreciate an interior designer’s attention to detail.  Blame it on mild OCD; if something seems “off,” my impulse is to correct the issue.  My tastes are decidedly minimalistic, and being so, I prefer the elegance of bare, uncluttered surfaces to the alternative.  The arrangement of a room becomes, in a sense, a parallel of the mind, and our process of creative thinking as we transition from one perspective to another.

As I’ve gotten older, and as I’ve begun to understand more of my own unique way of thinking,  I’ve come to admire individuals who concern themselves with such aesthetic nuances, whether they’re artists, writers, interior designers, couturiers, or party planners (all could fall under the category of “artist,” but I’ll leave that to them and/or to others to decide).  Figures like Colin Cowie, Roland Barthes, and Luc Leestemaker represent the idea of the individual creative pursuit, but present in the work of each is an essential, enlivening quality of sensuality.



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