Monthly Archives: May 2012

A Very Late Look at Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent

I am likely one of the last individuals to have acquired and read through a copy of Carine Roitfeld’s career-covering book, Irreverent.  While others already have the book housed on a shelf, my copy sits next to my bed, awaiting another look through at that time of evening when the allure of the images conjures that certain […]


Travel has come to be quite important to me, more so than ever before.  The feeling of arriving somewhere where you have never been, knowing that you have days of enlightenment before you is something that cannot properly be explained in words. I suspect that this new perception of travel came about upon during a stay in […]

A View Towards Artists

I can appreciate an interior designer’s attention to detail.  Blame it on mild OCD; if something seems “off,” my impulse is to correct the issue.  My tastes are decidedly minimalistic, and being so, I prefer the elegance of bare, uncluttered surfaces to the alternative.  The arrangement of a room becomes, in a sense, a parallel of the mind, […]

Roland Barthes’ “The Face of Garbo”

French writer Roland Barthes’ magnificent short essay, “The Face of Garbo,” begins with a hint of melancholy.  “Garbo still belongs to that moment in cinema when capturing the human face still plunged audiences into the deepest ecstasy, when one literally lost oneself in a human image as one would in a philtre, when the face […]

On Scandinavian Design

The concept of interior design has appealed to me for quite some time.  From an aesthetic understanding, the nuances of arranging objects and furniture in a room to serve a certain purpose is ceaselessly interesting for me.  Though I find certain stylistics to be icily cold, more often than not, there is something to admire in them. Recently, […]