Brad: You’ve managed to be a high-profile and sought after wedding and event planner, an accomplished lifestyle expert, a designer of very well-received (and beautiful) home décor and house wares, and a successful author, with the first of three new books to be published this autumn.  How do you do it all?  And how do you […]

For weeks, it’s been an obsession of the best variety.  As often as I can, I look over and add to a list of Manhattan restaurants and bars, going through New York Times and New York Magazine listings, preparing for October, feeling that even with a lengthy summary of them jotted down, offering anything from the […]

I admit, it’s a pleasing feeling when someone like Tom Ford, a man who insists on doing things his own way when it comes to presenting his seasonal lines, sells men’s and women’s accessories through Neiman Marcus like his peers.  It’s endearing in a way; “Mr. Ford, who doesn’t show anything, anything, on the runway, sells bags and […]

Hillcrest’s ‘The Red Door, ” situated in a cottage house on a discreet corner in one of San Diego’s more forward-thinking neighborhoods, has the appeal of a haute cuisine experience without the frilly pretension of some of its peers (and yes, there is in fact a red door).  Sipping an elder flower martini, my sister insisted on […]

Earlier this weekend I once again visited La Jolla, a small but chic city that I love.  With the beaches overrun by holiday travelers and the here and there natives and the occasional, distant “ooh ooh” of seals, we walked about.  La Jolla’s appeal is I think, in part, its high nonchalance, like a bronze-skinned, boho girl with […]

Today was Raf Simons’ initial presentation for the house of Dior, his first time doing haute couture.  Simons began with black, opening with interpretations of Dior Bar jackets that narrowed softly at the waist.  After, there then were flouncy, flowery, hip emphasizing tops (or ultra, ultra high-hemmed dresses), worn over dark cigarette pants.  The bare shoulder was in, with most dresses hitting just above the breasts, fitting […]